Alternative Dispute Methods

In Colorado, before the court will hear a family law dispute, the parties will be encouraged, if not required, to attempt to resolve disputed issues outside of court. The most common settlement approaches are through mediation, arbitration, a settlement conference or early neutral assessment.  Each format has its advantages and our attorneys can guide you through the alternate dispute resolution process.


Mediation provides the parties with a forum to identify and explore the options to create their own solutions.  The mediator is a neutral third party who facilitates communication between the parties in an attempt to identify common ground and to create a solution with the parties’ input.  They will not make decision for you.

Our attorneys are highly experienced in representing parties to a mediation, and many of our attorneys themselves are trained mediators.

Settlement Conferences

A Settlement Conference differs from mediation in that the attorney leading the conference will not only facilitate identification of issues but will propose solutions based on their assessment of situation, knowledge of the law, and experience in Court.

Early Neutral Assessments

in Early Neutral Assessment all parties participate in  a conference to issues and their proposed resolution to an assessor who is a neutral party.  Based on knowledge and experience, the assessor will  the parties of the likely outcomes should the dispute be presented  to a court and present.

Denver Attorneys for Alternative Dispute Resolution

Agreements reached in mediation, early neutral assessment, or a settlement conference are voluntary and require the consent of all parties. Once an agreement is reached and all parties execute it, the agreement is then is enforceable.

Some parties may choose to arbitrate a dispute. In arbitration, the parties present their dispute and evidence to the arbitrator.  The arbitrator, who is either court appointed or agreed upon my all parties, has the authority to make a recommendation to the court adoption as an order. 

Some parties wish to work not just cooperatively towards their divorce, can collaborate on all issues. In collaborative law, the parties realize they are better equipped to understand and address both their children’s and their own needs. Several of our attorneys are trained in this team approach and can advise and assist you negotiating a settlement.

Comprehensive Family Law Services

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