Will Divorce Send The Wrong Message To Your Kids?

If you are facing a divorce with children involved, fear for your children’s welfare is likely to be an enormous concern.

Many people have the view that divorce inevitably leaves your children physically and emotionally torn. This concern sometimes becomes real, particularly if both parents aren’t fully committed to keeping their children away from the conflict and doing all they can to keep conflict to a minimum.

In working with the Colorado family law firm Litvak Litvak Mehrtens and Carlton, P.C., you are better positioned to gain advice from qualified individuals on how best to proceed through the divorce process.

Easing The Transition For The Children

The concerns can run deep, leaving you with questions as to how to maintain a strong ability to parent your children when you have issues that have reached the stage of divorce. You may want advice as to how to minimize conflict between parents, and you may need both advice and legal advocacy to prevent the other parent from taking a campaign directly to the children. If the other parent is telling the children that you are “the bad guy” in the divorce, what can you do to keep your children from being harmed and pulled into the conflict?

When you have children, a divorce has a very different quality to it: for your child’s best interests, you will need to find ways to resolve conflict and provide healthy messages to the children, and this need continues long after the divorce. How will you resolve problems for your children up until they grow up? The way you two parents choose to handle these issues will have an impact on the ability to enjoy the children’s high school graduation ceremonies, to assist in planning their weddings, to be able to be involved as a grandparent and to participate in all of a family’s lifecycle of events.

Remember, any wedges driven between you and your child could impact your relationship with them moving forward.

Let An Experienced Family Law Attorney Properly Advise You

The family law firm you end up going with needs to do more than handle your divorce: they need to be a valuable resource and source of counsel giving to help you best navigate the issues of parenting after divorce in a way that is healthy for your children. No one knows better than skilled family law attorneys how best to minimize conflict and how to negotiate and work toward a successful environment for your children to thrive.

Among the areas to focus on:

  • Why the divorce is happening – First and foremost, be upfront with your child/children about why you’re getting divorced in the first place. As part of being honest with them, don’t trash your husband or wife. Divorces happen for a myriad reasons, and there’s a lot of thought that went into the decision Colorado made in the 1970s to do away with finding fault in order to grant a divorce. A family lawyer will be able to furnish you with good advice and materials that will help with this process.
  • You both still love your children – Convey to your children how mom and dad still love them and always will love them.

Yes, all children will not respond the same way to a divorce. Some will be accepting of it, while others will simply not want to deal with it or accept it. Take the time to learn the ways to help your children work through any grief and anger they may have.

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