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Deciding Whether a Divorce Trial Is Needed

Deciding Whether a Divorce Trial Is Needed

When going through a divorce in Colorado, there will be a key decision point in deciding how far to take the case in order to get a resolution. Specifically, one will need to decide whether they can achieve their best outcome through a negotiated settlement or whether they will need to have a divorce trial.

Best Outcome May Come From a Divorce Trial

It is helpful to think of the best outcome as an overall measure rather than simply in financial terms. This means that all of the costs should factored into the decision, including both the stress of the divorce trial and the financial costs involved. Divorce trials cost money and take time, and they can also involve acrimony between the parties that may take years to resolve if it can be resolved at all.

There are times when it is an absolute necessity to take the case to trial because the other party is being unreasonable. In other words, one always need to be prepared for the possibility of a trial and be ready to go to that length if necessary in order to get their fair share of the marital estate. Sometimes, the prospect of litigation is enough to make an unreasonable spouse more willing to be fair in settlement negotiations because they realize the costs of the proceeding.

Experienced Settlement and Divorce Trial Attorneys in Denver, Colorado

There is much value that a family law attorney might provide to those who are either contemplating divorce or in the midst of it. Legal counsel may be informative when deciding how far a divorce case needs to be taken in order to understand the risks and rewards of each approach. An attorney might provide an objective professional opinion of the range of possibilities in each case. They may be able to help with settlement negotiations and stand ready to assist in the event that a case goes to trial.

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